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is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 in order to act as a consultant to the users of the first rural electrification programs with autonomous photovoltaic solar energy.

In 2000, when the Real Decreto which allowed connecting photovoltaic systems to the power grid and selling the produced energy to the electric utility was published, SEBA was one of the first actors in installing and managing this kind of systems, facilitating the complex task of legalizing the system and selling the energy to the electric utilities.

When the association was first founded, its ambit of operation was limited to the European Union. By starting the work on international cooperation, SEBA has widened its ambit to other continents (South America and Asia).

SEBA is registered in the association register of the Generalitat de Catalunya. nº 11252. Section 1. Barcelona. CIF: G 58847344, in the Association National Register nº 90.997 of Madrid and in the NGDO register.